Thank you for your business!

We started working our way through college, self funding, in some of the best kitchens in NE Ohio. We loved food. We loved business. We took our college degrees and what got us there and implemented it into MSD. Renee' grew up in a family business of pizza shoppes since the age of 5. She always knew she'd like to follow in the family business. Keith was so fortunate to train under some of the best chefs in NE Ohio during his studies at The University of Akron.

We are happy to bring great food to Navarre and the surrounding areas. We have had many opportunities to expand and franchise, but we are simple. Content.

In our time, you will find us outdoors rock climbing, ice climbing, and practicing YOGA. We also love spending time with our family...especially our nephews and nieces. We love our community. We support our community. During the week when we want to chill at home, we just pick up a steak from Agnes Meats.

We work here. We live here. We eat here.